A man was hiking through the forest when he suddenly saw a puppy stuck in a hole, struggling to get out.

The man reached his hand down the hole, trying to rescue the puppy.  The puppy was afraid and bit the man.

He ignored the pain and continued to try to rescue the puppy.  Again and again the puppy would bite him.

A young boy came upon the scene, and after watching for a few minutes said, “Quit trying to save that dog.  He’s mean and you’re just going to keep getting bit.”

The man ignored the boy and kept reaching in – and finally he pulled the puppy out of the hole.   The man turned to the boy and said, “It was the puppy’s instincts and fear that made him bite.  I wanted to help because it was the right thing to do, regardless of how the puppy treated me.”

Can you apply this situation to your life?  Do you show compassion and respect for others, even if they do not show it to you?

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Compassion and respect – for everyone
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