K-5 lesson: I am responsible for my emotions

@TheRayCenter CHARACTER COUNTS! Responsibility

You may often hear students place blame on others for their own emotions. It is difficult for students to understand that not only do they control their own emotions, but they are responsible for their emotions. One of the best ways to be responsible for your emotions is to be aware of how you are feeling and take preventative measures. This lesson is designed for students to think about how they are feeling and how they move towards more regulated emotions.

Communicating with empathy


The horrific and wrongful death of George Floyd has brought the reality of racial injustice to the forefront of American mind’s and dialogue, leaving many to feel unsure how to enter these necessary and important conversations that can positively impact the situation.

Character during crisis


We are living through challenging and turbulent times. Americans are facing an international health pandemic, financial uncertainty, racial tensions, and civil unrest. It can be easy to feel helpless – wondering what possible impact someone like me can have on such great problems?

Civility and COVID-19


Just four weeks ago, we were all going to work, planning spring break vacations, looking forward to graduation ceremonies, and walking into grocery stores assured that we could purchase every item on our list. Today, we are all dealing with challenges none of us expected just a month ago.