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From our guest contributor, Dr. Tom Lickona.

Good communication doesn’t happen automatically. We often need to do something deliberate to bring about a meaningful exchange of thoughts and experiences.

Here’s ten ways to start a conversation with your child:

1. How was today on a scale of 1 to 10 (where 1 is terrible and 10 is terrific)? What made it that way?

2. What was the high point (low point) of your day?

3. What is the good news and the bad news about today?

4. What’s something you were thinking about today?

5. What happened today that you didn’t expect?

6. Tell me about something good that happened since the last time we talked.

7. What’s something you’ve done recently that you’re proud of?

8. What’s on your mind these days?

9. What is something you are looking forward to?

10. Back-and-forth questions (take turns asking questions).

Raising a civilized child takes 20 years of constant teaching and another 10 of review.  —Judith Martin (Miss Manners)

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10 ways to start a conversation with your child
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