Overview: This lesson explores injustice based on appearances. The lesson explores a group of children who could not live with the lack of fairness shown to one couple.


Students will:

  • discuss the impact of judging people based on their appearance
  • review a video about one couple’s journey when they were judged based on their appearances
  • create a sample social media post about not judging others based on their appearance

Opening Reflection:

  • How have you or how do you judge others based upon their appearance?

Review content (small groups or whole group): 

Whole Group Discussion: 

  • What surprised you about the story in the video?
  • How did the students right an injustice years later?
  • How do you assume the couple felt then and now?
  • What is harmful about judging others based on their appearance?
  • What injustice do you see in your school based on appearances?


  • Create a sample social media post about accepting others regardless of their appearance.
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Fairness and Appearances (Grades 6-12)
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