Overview: This lesson explores fairness and appearances. The lesson explores a group of children who could not live with the lack of fairness shown to one couple.


Students will:

  • discuss fairness and appearances and the impact of judging people based on their appearance.
  • review a video about one couple’s journey when they were judged based on their appearances.
  • create a sample social media post about not judging others based on their appearance.

Opening Reflection:

  • How have you or how do you judge others based upon their appearance?

Review content (small groups or whole group): 

  • CBS Evening News  (2018) Students take action after hearing couple’s honeymoon story. Youtube.com. https://youtu.be/AeVrH_3igzk
    Gilbert Caldwell and his wife, Grace, didn’t get the honeymoon they dreamed of 60 years ago. They were turned away from a hotel for being black. After teaching a powerful lesson to a group of students, they recently got a second honeymoon. Steve Hartman has their story “On The Road.”

Whole Group Discussion: 

  • What surprised you about the story in the video?
  • How did the students right an injustice years later?
  • How do you assume the couple felt then and now?
  • What is harmful about judging others based on their appearance?
  • What injustice do you see in your school based on appearances?


  • Create a sample social media post about accepting others regardless of their appearance.

Fairness is one of the Six Pillars of Character. Click here to learn more about the Six Pillars.

Fairness and Appearances (Grades 6-12)
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