Character Education Objective:

  • Students will discuss the role each individual play in solving his or her own problem.

Content Objective:

  •  Students will take responsibility to solve the problems they face. 

Language Objective:

  • Students will tackle a problem in their own life so they can #GetUnstuck 


Taking responsibility for our own actions and problems in life is a skill we need to build. There will always be escalators breaking down in our lives, so we must take ownership over what we can control to keep moving up the stairs. This lesson highlights the importance of recognizing the things you can take responsibility for to #GetUnstuck and keep moving forward. 


Independent (2 min)

  • What is a problem you are facing?

Watch the video as a class Stuck on an Escalatorhttps://youtu.be/Kq65aAYCHOw (3 min)

Small Group Discussion (8 min):

  • What is the problem for these people in the video?
  • What is the solution?
  • Whose responsibility is it to solve their problem?
  • What keeps us from taking responsibility and just getting off the escalator when we have a problem?

Whole group share out (4 min):

  • When faced with a problem, what are some ways we can take responsibility and get off the escalator?

Reflection Journal (Independent task) (3 min):

  • Go back to the problem you listed in your journal and write some responsible solutions or ideas that you can take to #GetUnstuck on the escalator or get it moving again. 

Family Connection 

  • Tech Support 
    • Anydo is an app that helps organize and prioritize tasks when you are overwhelmed and stuck with too many things to do
    • Sam App is an app to help you take ownership over your own health and manage the anxiety of dealing with the stress of the day to day.
  • Pillar Time 
    • Play a game of chess to determine strategic ways to stay out of checkmate
    • Write a 100-word poem about being thankful for problems 
    • Use an object from your home and try to come up with as many ways to use it as possible 
      • A spoon
        • Dig a hole (slowly)
        • A party trick for your nose
        • To carry an egg 
  • Dinner Discussion 
    • Describe an experience when you had to solve a problem in your life?
    • Discuss how responsibility plays a role in finding solutions to everyday problems.
    • Share why you feel it is important to take responsibility for your own actions and problems.


Radclev, Bob. “Stuck On An Escalator – Release Your Trapped Emotions!”. Getanswers.Com, 2013, https://youtu.be/Kq65aAYCHOw.

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6-12 character education lesson plan: problem solving