C3. RESPECT. Students believe that the wellbeing and dignity of all people is important. They treat all individuals with respect, judging them on their character and ability without regard to race, religion, sexual orientation, political ideology, gender, age, or other physical or personal characteristics

  • C3.4. School Climate of Respect & Kindness. Students demonstrate respect by seeking to create and support a kind, caring, respectful, and emotionally and physically safe school climate. They refrain from and discourage others from engaging in violence, threats, intimidation, and other conduct intended or likely to cause physical injury, emotional pain, humiliation, embarrassment, or a feeling of being left out or excluded. This includes:  1) Unwelcome physical touching (i.e., they keep their hands to themselves). 2) Cruel, unkind, or deliberately hurtful or embarrassing gossip.  3) Physical intimidation, cyberbullying, harassment, and mean-spirited teasing or taunting.

Social Goal

  • Students will discuss the impact of gossip on individuals, teams, friend groups, and families.

Content Goal

  •  Students will commit to a No Gossip challenge to show respect.

Language Goal:

  • Students will share ideas about spreading the #NoGossip


Gossip is a toxic cloud that spreads darkness around the globe and runs rampant in schools and communities. Creating a culture of respect is vital to ensure learners feel safe and like they belong. So, let’s build a 40 Day No Gossip Campaign to empower students, teachers, administrators and families to stand for respect.


  • Independent (3 mins)
    • Write about a time you have heard, been part of, or were gossiped about in school or on social media.
      • How did it make you feel?
    • Write one feeling on a sticky note and add it to the whiteboard or post on social media: Instagram/Twitter/Facebook #NoGossip #CHARACTERCOUNTS
  • Vocabulary (2mins): What do these words mean? (Optional)
    • Gossip
    • Maim
    • Tarnish
    • Elusive
  • Productive Group Work (10mins):
    • Read the poem (or print image of poem below)
    • List the attributes and impact of gossip you find?
    • What are some respectful statements you can use to stop gossip you might hear?
    • Make a plan about how your group will spread the #NoGossip
  • Whole Group Discussion (3 mins):
    • How can showing respect to others stop gossiping behavior?
    • What will your group do to spread the #NoGossip?
  • Reflection Journal (Independent task 2 mins)
    • Post on social media and/or in planner
      • #NoGossip #CHARACTERCOUNTS! #Respect

Family Connection

  • Tech Support
    • Friend your child and follow their social media profiles
    • Share out a social media post as a family with #NoGossip #CHARACTERCOUNTS!
  • Pillar Time
    • Share ways to stop gossip in your household
    • Practice ways to lovingly hold one another accountable to no gossip
    • Invite extended family to join your family in the #NoGossip #CHARACTERCOUNTS!
  • Dinner Discussion
    • What is harmful about gossip?
    • How is gossip disrespectful?
    • What feelings do you associate with gossip?
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6-12 lesson plan: respect
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