Character Education Objective:

  • Students will discuss the impact of gossip on individuals, teams, friend groups, and families.

Content Objective:

  •  Students will commit to a No Gossip challenge to show respect.

Language Objective:

  • Students will share ideas about spreading the #NoGossip


Gossip is a toxic cloud that spreads darkness around the globe and runs rampant in schools and communities. Creating a culture of respect is vital to ensure learners feel safe and like they belong. So, let’s build a 40 Day No Gossip Campaign to empower students, teachers, administrators and families to stand for respect.


  • Independent (3 mins)
    • Write about a time you have heard, been part of, or were gossiped about in school or on social media.
      • How did it make you feel?
    • Write one feeling on a sticky note and add it to the whiteboard or post on social media: Instagram/Twitter/Facebook #NoGossip #CHARACTERCOUNTS
  • Vocabulary (2mins): What do these words mean? (Optional)
    • Gossip
    • Maim
    • Tarnish
    • Elusive
  • Productive Group Work (10mins):
    • Read the poem (or print image of poem below)
    • List the attributes and impact of gossip you find?
    • What are some respectful statements you can use to stop gossip you might hear?
    • Make a plan about how your group will spread the #NoGossip
  • Whole Group Discussion (3 mins):
    • How can showing respect to others stop gossiping behavior?
    • What will your group do to spread the #NoGossip?
  • Reflection Journal (Independent task 2 mins)
    • Post on social media and/or in planner
      • #NoGossip #CHARACTERCOUNTS! #Respect

Family Connection

  • Tech Support
    • Friend your child and follow their social media profiles
    • Share out a social media post as a family with #NoGossip #CHARACTERCOUNTS!
  • Pillar Time
    • Share ways to stop gossip in your household
    • Practice ways to lovingly hold one another accountable to no gossip
    • Invite extended family to join your family in the #NoGossip #CHARACTERCOUNTS!
  • Dinner Discussion
    • What is harmful about gossip?
    • How is gossip disrespectful?
    • What feelings do you associate with gossip?

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No Gossip (Grades 6-12)
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