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The little football player
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Once there was a little girl named Lilly and she was very shy. She dreamed of being a player on the football team at school but her friends teased her. However, she was very determined and wanted to prove to her friends that she could be on the team.

Lilly attended school during the day and, after finishing her homework, she practiced football at home every night. Her mom was impressed by her dedication and supported her passion by installing lights in the backyard so she could practice.

A few weeks later, an inter-school football competition was announced and Lilly decided to try out for the team. Her friends still mocked her desire to play but they were shocked by her performance and how well she played. The coaches were also very impressed and picked her to play on the team! Her critical friends had nothing left to say and Lilly had proved them wrong.

Moral: Nothing is impossible. With determination and focus, you can achieve your dreams!

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The little football player
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