How do you build character into a business? In today’s guest blog, Joel Duncan of Des Moines talks briefly about the effects Character Counts In Iowa has had on Merit Resources.
Trustworthy, Respect, Responsibility, Fairness, Caring, Citizenship. If you’re reading this you have heard the words and more than likely live your life with these attributes as a guide. My point is character talk and character action must have broad exposure or it’s merely preaching to the choir.

Character Counts In Iowa is just that. They are the exposure vehicle and beacon for us in our organization. We are a for profit company that serves hundreds of Iowa businesses. We desired to externalize our internal commitment to character and ethics and did not know how to effectively integrate a character message within our service model.

The staff at Character Counts In Iowa has assisted us in that endeavor. They allow us to borrow their years of experience in delivering the character message to Iowans, encourage us, act as an accountability partner and push us appropriately. One quotation comes to mind: “Routines become habits and habits become character.”

Character Counts In Iowa assists us in making character messaging a routine. I will report back as we evolve it into a habitual practice. My company is a better organization being affiliated with Character Counts In Iowa!

Bringing character to businesses
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