To celebrate Earth Day, we’re recycling a blog post (or two). Here’s one from last fall that sparked some good conversation.

Real Life Fairness Exercise

As we begin a conversation on fairness, lets look a real life situation where we are asked to be fair.

You are a manager, who for budget reasons, must let go one employee. Here are your employees:

Employee 1: Your newest employee, is young and unmarried; your best producer who gets more work done effectively than any other employee.

Employee 2: A competent worker of four years, a single parent with three small children; needs the job the most.

Employee 3: A good worker and has worked for the company the longest (18 years) and is 2 years away from retirement.

Employee 4: A good producer with a terrific attitude; the hardest worker you have.

Employee 5: A competent employee, is the sibling of one of the owners of the company.

Who do you let go and why? Did you make a fair decision?

Recycling blog posts
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