Character During Crisis

Character education curriculum, lessons, and activities

We are living through challenging and turbulent times. Americans are facing an international health pandemic, financial uncertainty, racial tensions, and civil unrest. It can be easy to feel helpless – wondering what possible impact someone like me can have on such great problems?

Protecting the Environment (Grades K-5)

There is so much power in the actions of one person. This lesson is designed for students to understand the impact of being an engaged citizen of their community. Citizenship is more than voting and obeying laws. It involves individuals taking responsibility for their duty to protect the environment. This lesson gives students time to discuss solutions to problems they see in their communities around the environment. 

Small Acts of Kindness and Citizenship (Grades 6-12)

Students can learn how to model good citizenship in the way they care for the members of their school. Students will develop tangible habits that show how to increase awareness of citizenship and good character. This lesson will explore ways to support the citizens and take care of the community of learners within the building.

Interpersonal Skills (Grades 6-12)

Character Education Objective: Students will discuss how to develop and maintain positive relationships in their lives. Content Objective:  Students will define, establish, and maintain healthy relationships.  Language Objective: Students will employ strategies to promote positive relationship building and connections. Purpose: