This lesson focuses on disagreements while respecting the other person.

Character Education Objectives:

Students will:

  • review a video about respecting others even when you disagree
  • discuss what it means to respect others through disagreement
  • reflect on their own level of respect during disagreements



Opening Reflection 

  • What does this quote teach you about disagreeing with respect?
    • Do not focus on being right, focus on getting it right. 

Review content (Whole Group) 

Whole Group Discussion 

  • What was your favorite take away from the video?
  • What are the differences in healthy and toxic disagreements?
  • How can you show respect even when you disagree?
  • What are some hot topics that people around you, on the news or in the community disagree on?
  • What examples have you witnessed recently of people handling disagreements disrespectfully and Respectfully
    • Compare the outcomes and emotions in those disagreements


  • Think about the last disagreement you had and consider ways you showed respect or ways you could have modeled respect better. What is a strategy discussed today you can try to remember for the next time you have a disagreement.
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6-12 character education lesson plan: disagreeing with respect
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