6-12 character education lesson plan: trust and safety

Trust and safety lesson


Opening Reflection

  • How do you keep yourself safe in today’s world?
    • Utilize chart paper and markers or a polling/word cloud online tool to record responses. 

Small Groups:

  • Read two different essays (above) by teens about trust and safety.
  • Highlight ways these teens suggest you must learn to trust yourself for your own safety.

Whole Group

  • Why do you need to trust yourself?
    • Who is to blame when you make a mistake?
    • Why is it challenging to keep yourself safe in this world?
    • How can teens learn to trust themselves to be safe physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually? (Consider online and physical location)

Reflection (5 mins): 

  • Reflect on your own ability to trust yourself to keep you safe. 
    • What are some ways you already protect yourself?
    • Where or how could you improve?