Emotions (Grades K-5)

character education lesson: emotion

Overview: Students will practice caring by recognizing and showing compassion for the emotions of others.

Character Education Objectives:

Students will:

  • sort and label the different emotions on the Faces of Emotion Handouts.
  • discuss how having compassion for another person’s emotions shows you care.
  • illustrate emotion and share it with a friend.


Lesson Plan:

  • Students work in a group or individually to sort and label the Faces of Emotion Handouts (5 min)
    • Depending on skill levels students can write, trace, or use a drawing or emoticon to label.
  • Discussion Prompts (5-7 mins)
    • What emotion do you feel today?
      • Teacher: I feel happy because I get to teach you today.
    • What is hard about knowing how other people feel?
    • Why do some people cry, and some people yell when they are angry?
    • How can you show you care for someone when they are feeling (insert emotion)?
  • Complete the I Feel Handout (5-7 mins)
    • Choose an emotion you feel. 
    • Draw a picture of yourself when you feel that emotion. 
    • Write (depending on skill level) what emotion you are feeling and why.
  • Share your picture with a friend (1-2 mins)

Images are from: https://www.pexels.com/ are free and attribution is not required.