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Overview: Learning about other traditions and holidays is important to promote acceptance not just tolerance of other viewpoints, religions, belief systems, and perspectives. This lesson will discuss having integrity with a focus on fairness to promote a classroom that embraces diversity.

Character Education Objectives:

Students will:

  • discuss traditions of their culture and family 
  • share ideas about promoting a fair environment for all learners to be who they are
  • depict what it means to embrace culture using a form of artistic expression (Day 2) 


Lesson Plan Day One 

Journal: (5 mins) 

  • What is one of your family’s favorite traditions? 

Think-Pair-Share: (10 mins) 

  • Share a family tradition with a partner
    • Use the Venn Diagram to compare and contrast your family cultural tradition with your partner’s family cultural tradition

Small Group Discussion: (10 mins)

  • What is a definition of culture?
  • What makes up culture?

Whole Group Discussion: (15 mins) 

  • As a class define culture- use the definitions created in small group and wordsmith to create a classroom definition
  • Discuss the elements that make up culture 
  • How do we promote fairness in the diverse culture where we live?
  • What does integrity have to do with being fair to other cultures?

Exit Ticket: (5 mins)

  • What is something you learned about promoting cultural fairness and awareness today?

Lesson Plan Day Two 

Journal: (5 mins)

  • What does it look and sound like to allow everyone to be who they are in a classroom? 

Think-Pair-Share (5 mins)

  • Discuss the following quote with a partner: “Be yourself, everybody else is taken” – Oscar Wilde 

Whole Group Discussion (5 mins) 

  • Make a list with students about what is needed in a classroom of fairness to allow everyone to be who they are? 

Individual Work (20 mins)

  • Give students the freedom to choose an activity from the Integrity and Fairness Cultural Expressions Project Grid to share about what it means to have the integrity to showing fairness for all cultures in the classroom. 
  • Play some different cultural music while they work (or take suggestions from students and ensure they are not explicit).

Exit Ticket (5-10 mins)

  • Share your work with a partner or record a video of yourself sharing your Integrity and Fairness Cultural Expressions Project and post to your classroom social media using #CharacterCounts.


Teacher- to learn more information on teaching culture and to get some ideas to help with discussion check out this resource:

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Embracing Diversity (Grades 6-12)