CHARACTER COUNTS! Matrix Outcome: C2. TRUSTWORTHINESS. Students develop and demonstrate the character trait of trustworthiness. They understand that trust is an essential ingredient in meaningful and lasting relationships, as well as school and career success, and they strive to earn the trust of others by demonstrating the ethical virtues of integrity, honesty, promise-keeping, and loyalty.

  • C2.1. Integrity. Students demonstrate integrity by adhering to ethical principles, acting honorably and assuring that there is consistency between their beliefs, words, and actions. They safeguard their integrity and demonstrate their character by exercising the moral courage to do the right thing even when it is difficult or detrimental to their relationships, social standing, careers, or economic well-being (i.e., they do the right thing even when it costs more than they want to pay).

Social Goal 

  • Students will discuss traits of trustworthy people.

Content Goal

  •  Students will list opportunities to improve their #TrustTraits.

Language Goal:

  • Students will list the traits of trustworthy people in their lives and highlight them in a reading about being trustworthy. 

We have many examples of trustworthy individuals in our lives, but we do not always stop to reflect what character traits are present in someone we trust. This lesson will examine nine traits of trustworthy people. Participants will determine if they have trustworthy characteristics, and which ones they could improve upon in their own lives.   


Independent (3 min)

  • Would you trust you? 
  • Why or Why Not?

Productive Group Work  (12 min)
Read this article, highlight traits of trustworthy people, and answer the questions in a group

  • Who is a person in your life that you trust?
  • What about their character makes you trust them?
  • What did you learn are traits of trustworthy people?

What is a trait mentioned in the article you are strong in, and one where you are weak?

Group discussion (5 min)

  • What did you learn?
  • How can we be more trustworthy?
  • What is a weakness you
    ant to improve upon to be more trustworthy?

Family Connection 

  • Tech Support 
    • Send a snapchat to your child about being trustworthy
    • The next time your child does something trustworthy, post it on social media or text them kudos and a heartfelt message
  • Pillar Time 
    • Volunteer as a family at the Animal Rescue League or another local area to show trustworthy character 
    • Play Blind retriever- blindfold one person and guide them with words to pick up an object across the yard or room. 
  • Dinner Discussion 
    • Who is a person in your life that you trust?
    • What about their character makes you trust them?
    • What is challenging about being trustworthy?
    • How can you work as a family to become more trustworthy?
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6-12 lesson plan: traits of trustworthy people
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