Character Education Objective:

  • Students will discuss how small acts of citizenship can create a powerful sense of community.

Content Goal:

  •  Students will model good citizenship in small acts throughout the month, including opening the doors for classmates. 

Language Goal:

  • Students will share ways to improve school culture. 


Students can learn how to model good citizenship in the way they care for the members of their school. Students will develop tangible habits that show how to increase awareness of citizenship and good character. This lesson will explore ways to support the citizens and take care of the community of learners within the building. The students will start a #OpenTheDoor Campaign, which will show that even small acts can have a great impact on the culture of a building and community.  


Independent (2 min)

  • How do you feel when someone holds open a door for you?
  • How does this show citizenship?

Watch the video (7 min)

Discuss other ways to participate in the #OpenTheDoor Campaign to share hope, love, and model what it means to be a memorable and exemplary citizen. (8 min)

How will you be a caring citizen of our school? (post on a sticky on the door) (2 min)

Family Connection 

  • Tech Support 
    • Spread the movement #OpenTheDoor 
  • Pillar Time 
    • Go to a public mall or store and hold open doors for customers
    • Find opportunities to do something helpful as a citizen of your own home
    • Take over someone else’s chore or task for a day or week to see what it feels like to be in their shoes
  • Dinner Discussion 
    • How does it make you feel to have someone hold the door open for you?
    • Why is it important to model good citizenship?
    • What does a good or model citizen look and sound like to you?

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Small Acts of Kindness and Citizenship (Grades 6-12)
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