Character Education Objective:

  • Students will discuss how caring is demonstrated through volunteering. 

Content Objective:

  •  Students will volunteer for an organization that is close to their heart to demonstrate care for others.

Language Objective:

  • Students will research local organizations where they can volunteer 


Students can learn how to care for others by volunteering for organizations and getting more involved. Discussing ways to care for animals, the Earth, or people is a great way to share caring, but serving in those areas is a superior way to make connections to this pillar of character. Therefore, this lesson will push students to think and research organizations where they can volunteer and demonstrate what it means to care in action not just in words.


Independent (5 minutes)

  • If you could write a blank check to any non-profit or service organization what would it be and why?

Categorize who or what your selected organization cares for in service (2 min)

  • Animals 
  • Individuals with disabilities
  • Sick Children
  • Etc 

Utilizing the areas of interest find a group who is also interested in supporting these types of organizations. (13 min)

  • Create a poster as a team of the 5W and H ways to volunteer and demonstrate you care
  • What organizations are available in your area?
  • Where do you need to go to get signed up to volunteer?
  • When do can you volunteer?
  • Who do they need or accept to volunteer?
  • Why would you choose to volunteer?

Share out your Why (2 min)

  • Why should you volunteer at your selected organization?

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Volunteering (Grades 6-12)
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