CHARACTER COUNTS! Matrix Outcome: SE3. SOCIAL AWARENESS AND RELATIONSHIP SKILLS AND TRAITS. Students employ interpersonal and social skills and traits (e.g., empathy, consideration, the ability to listen and communicate) to guide appropriate behavior and create positive relationships and meaningful connections to family members, classmates, peers, teachers, and others.

  • SE3.4. Positive Relationships. Students seek to establish and maintain healthy, positive, mutually gratifying personal relationships with their teachers, classmates and others as a source of support, comfort, companionship, and intellectual stimulation.  1) Students demonstrate a willingness to alter their attitudes and conduct when necessary to reduce or prevent disharmony, generate respect and trust, and increase intimacy (provided such changes do not require them to compromise their values or integrity). 2) Students understand that meaningful and lasting friendships often require unselfishness, patience, understanding, acceptance, and loyalty.

Social Goal 

  • Students will discuss how to develop and maintain positive relationships in their lives.

Content Goal

  •  Students will define, establish, and maintain healthy relationships. 

Language Goal:

  • Students will employ strategies to promote positive relationship building and connections.


Human beings need opportunities to build and maintain positive relationships in all stages of life. Providing teens with opportunities to develop a clear definition of what healthy relationships look and sound like is important to help ensure health development, physically, socially, and emotionally. Creating positive models and situations to practice healthy boundaries and communication is important to grow relationships and social connections. 



  • Who do you have a healthy, positive relationship within your life?
  • How does this connection with this individual make you feel?

Productive Group Work: 

Whole Group Discussion:

  • What did you learn?
  • What are some ways to spend more time with friends?

Reflection Journal (Independent task) 

  • Compare and Contrast the feelings/benefits of social media time with friends and in-person time with friends 
  • How will you get out from behind the screen and be seen this week?



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6-12 lesson plan: interpersonal skills
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