Character Education Objective:

  • Students will discuss the impact of disorganization in their lives and in the lives of those who count on them

Content Objective:

  • Students will explore ways to become more organized to help them remain trustworthy and accountable to their commitments

Language Objective:

  • Students will share ideas about what it looks, and sounds like to be trustworthy and organized


School is back in session, and students are lining the halls and classrooms in anticipation of another year of learning. The hallways smell of freshly sharpened pencils and glue, and the agendas are sparkling with white space. Soon, calendars will begin to fill up, to-do lists will start to take up more space, and the students and families will become overwhelmed with commitments. Afterall, students are busier today than they have ever been and are struggling with balance. Therefore, this lesson will focus on tips for students to demonstrate trustworthiness through organization. Learning to prioritize and organize are vital to keeping commitments and maintaining a character of trustworthiness.


  • Watch video: “Organization for the Chronically Disorganized.”
  • Consider the following quote and discussion questions independently, and then with an elbow partner (5 mins)
    • What does this quote teach about the impact of your habits
    • What does this quote say about being trustworthy in your commitments?
    • How does this quote relate to prioritizing and organizing things in your life?

Watch your thoughts; they become words.
Watch your words; they become actions.
Watch your actions; they become habits.
Watch your habits; they become character.
Watch your character; it becomes your destiny.

  • Productive Group Work: Students complete a chart paper with ideas for one of the following questions. (5 mins)
    • What are some ideas you have about getting or staying organized this year?
    • What are some ideas you to focus on being more trustworthy in your commitments through organization?
  • Gallery Walk (2 mins)
    • Students will put a colored sticker next to an idea that they think will help them to be more trustworthy and organized.
  • Reflection Journal (Independent task) (2 mins)
    • Write in planner cover or text to someone who can hold you accountable.
    • I will be trustworthy because I will (Fill in blank with what you will do to be more organized).

Family Connection

  • Tech Support
    • Download the COZI App
    • Share calendars to help organize and determine the level of commitments in the household
  • Pillar Time
    • Share ways to stay organized and have a weekly meeting to declutter backpacks, and calendars
    • Declutter/Organize a room together\
    • Create a drop zone for backpacks for the school year
  • Dinner Discussion
    • What does it mean to be trustworthy in your family?
    • What is one area of your lives / home do you want/need to organize?
    • How do you feel when you are organized?

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Trustworthiness Through Organization (Grades 6-12)
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