The dog at the well

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The dog at the well
Author Unknown

A dog and her pups lived on a farm with a well nearby. The mother dog told the pups not to go near the well or play around it. One of the pups wondered why they shouldn’t go to the well and decided to explore. He went to the well, climbed up the wall, and peeked inside.

In there, he saw his reflection and thought it was another dog. The pup saw that the other dog in the well (his reflection) was doing whatever he was doing, and got angry for imitating him. He decided to fight with the dog and jumped into the well, only to find no dog there. He barked and barked and swam until the farmer came and rescued him. The pup had learned his lesson.

Moral: Always listen to the advice given to you by your parents, and do not ignore them.

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