Look twice

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Look twice
Author Unknown

Once upon a time, there lived two frogs in a marsh and they were very happy there.

However, as the hot summer approached the marsh began to dry up. The frogs decided to leave and look for another place for themselves and discovered a deep well. They sat on the edge of the well and peered inside. The well was full with cool water.

One of the frogs was overjoyed to see the water and said, “This well looks like a nice place for us to live. It will be cool and safe inside. Let’s jump in!”

The other frog was wise and replied, “Not so soon, my friend! We left the marsh when it had dried up. So, think about how we will be able to get out of the well if it dries up.”

The first frog was speechless and realized that one must think before taking a step.

Moral: Think twice before you act. You may save yourself from trouble. 

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