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Summer vacation is here and now is the perfect time for kids to achieve a goal.  Ask your kids what goal they would like to achieve by the end of the summer.  It could be anything from learning to ride a bike, to reading a certain number of books, to making new friends, growing a garden, make money mowing lawns, or any number of other goals.  The following steps will help your kids create a plan to achieve their goal.

  • Establish a goal. It should be realistic, specific, and measurable.  “Get better at reading” is not specific and measurable, but “Read 100 books by Aug. 20” is.
  • Ask, what steps will you need to take in order to achieve that goal?  Are your steps in the right order?  Are your steps specific and measurable?  If you want to read 100 books by Aug. 20th, how many books a week is that?  About how many minutes a day should you read?  What is a good time of day to do your reading?  The more specific the plan, the more likely the goal will be achieved.
  • Ask, who can help you with your goal?  Who can hold you accountable to each step?
  • Help students determine when and how they will measure their progress.

Helping students develop a goal achievement plan is a wonderful skill to develop.  Plus, students will feel great that they achieved something special!

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