7 keys to a respectful meeting


#CharacterCounts 7 Keys to a Respectful Meeting

We can all play a part in improving respect and civility in our community. To help achieve this goal, our expectations are that we will:

  • Listen attentively
    Stay in the moment.  Pay attention to what is being said instead of thinking ahead to what you want to say in response.
  • Respect the opinions of others
    You don’t have to agree.  Respect that others have their own experiences that shape their opinions.
  • Keep an open mind
    Take time to weigh all sides of an issue.
  • Give constructive comments, suggestions & feedback
    Before you speak, ask yourself if what you have to say is helpful, civil, and necessary.
  • Avoid personal attacks
    Getting personal doesn’t advance the conversation, and doesn’t build a positive rebut.
  • Remember the things we have in common
    Start with what you agree on.  You may have less disagreement than you thought.
  • Value people, the process, and the results
    If others are willing to discuss difficult issues, show appreciation for their participation and the results.

For you to consider:

What other meetings could you use these expectations? Are people in leadership positions being good role models of respectful behavior? Are there any additional expectations that would be beneficial for your group to add?


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