My mom taught me…

From our executive director, Scott Raecker.

FullSizeRenderOne common bond that every person in the history of humankind shares is this – we all have mothers. Each of us came into this world with a mom. From that point forward there are many different pathways that are taken with the relationships we have with our moms – and in many cases, the women who love and nurture us regardless of our birthrights. I believe the world is a better place because of mothers, and we are better people when we have a person who loves us like a mom.

I have been blessed with a great mother – and so have my children! I celebrate my mom, Thieleane, and my wife, Martha, as great mothers every day.

This year I was asked to finish a simple sentence – “My mom taught me…”

I started thinking immediately about what my mom taught me – and interestingly enough, the important things that come to mind all relate to character competencies rather than skills.

Character is developed first and foremost in the home. In our home, character has been taught and most importantly, modeled. Both my mom and my wife demonstrate character qualities that make them spectacular moms who also greatly influence the lives of their children through their words and their actions.

My mom taught me that faith is more than a belief – it is action. My mom taught me to love unconditionally. My mom taught me forgiveness. My mom taught me to ‘remember who you are.’ My mom taught me to ‘enjoy the miracle of now!’ My mom taught me what I should look for in a wife and modeled what I wanted to see in the mother of my children. My mom taught me that eating chocolate chip cookie dough is not a bad habit and should only be done in moderation. My mom taught me the importance of pulling the weeds from our yard – and our lives. My mom taught me the significance of family and the value of close friends.

I asked my brother and sister to finish the same sentence “My mom taught me…” Interestingly enough, we each gave our answers without knowing what the others had shared. Their responses also indicate that consistency is important when it comes to being a great mom. My brother shared that “My mom taught me the true value of unconditional love and forgiveness. My sister shared that ‘My mom taught me love, fortitude and to remember who you are.”

I also asked our children to answer the same question and they shared; “My mom taught me to let my light shine and work hard to honor God, family and friends;” and, “My mom taught me how to love life.”

As we celebrate Mother’s Day, think about what your mom taught you. We would welcome you to take the time to share it with us at on Twitter and Facebook with the hashtags #CharacterCounts #ThanksMom. More importantly, if you are still blessed with your mom in this world, share it with her. It will make her day!

Happy Mother’s Day!

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