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How much effort do you put into a task that you dislike?  What about the effort you put into something that you love to do?

It is easy to have a bad attitude when facing something you don’t want to do.  Maybe it is taking out the garbage, making dinner, or doing your taxes – we don’t want to do it, and we’re not happy about it.  So, we don’t try hard, we take an easy way out, and we skip a few steps.  That bad attitude seeps into the effort we put out.

Before you decide to never take out the garbage again, remember, a positive attitude can help make the task more bearable.

You can control your attitude and you can control the effort you give.  Try having a positive attitude and giving your best at something you like the least.

Next time we’ll talk about how that combination of effort and attitude can make you more successful.

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Attitude and effort
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