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Here’s a quick look at responsibility and how you can help promote it at home.

  • Do what you are supposed to do.
  • Persevere.  Keep on trying.
  • Always do your best.
  • Use self-control.
  • Be self-disciplined.
  • Think before you act.  Consider the consequences.

What you can do at home to teach responsibility:

  • Give your child a chore.  Thank them after they do it.
  • With your child, establish a regular method for him/her to complete homework and have what is needed for school.
  • Set family goals.  Have each member of the family complete the following sentence and post it where it will serve as a reminder: “I will show that I am responsible by _________.”
  • Applaud courageous decisions where the pull to do the wrong thing was avoided.
  • Be a good role model.

What other ways to you teach responsibility?

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Teaching responsibility
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