There are hundreds of communities in Iowa. Which ones stick out to you as role models of good character? Take a look at what Johnston has done and continues to do in order to instill exceptional character everywhere they go.

In 2005, representatives with the City of Johnston, the Johnston Chamber of Commerce, Johnston Community School District and the Johnston Partnership for a Healthy Community met and talked about character development throughout the community.  Soon after, the Johnston Alliance for Character Development (JACD) was founded.

The mission of the Johnston Alliance for Character Development is to provide leadership and coordination to teach, evaluate, advocate, and model character development throughout the community of Johnston.

The JACD has participated and organized many activities, including: presentations at chamber meetings, development of Little League Team of Character, Celebration of CC! Week with city proclamation and recognition at a football game, 8-foot flags displayed at the public library, Character Story Time at the public library, articles in the chamber newsletter about workplace ethics, benches at city park that display the Six Pillars, a full page ad in the chamber business directory and a preschool
character sticker calendar.

See what a community of character looks like on a video we made!

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Johnston honored for being a community of good character
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