In 2010, Brian Town received an Iowa Character Award for educator of character. Hundreds of students have been impacted by his passion for good character as he strives to make the right decision in every situation. Know someone like him? Nominate them for an ICA by May 11!

As the athletic director at Johnston Middle School, Brian Town is a role model for students, staff and the entire Johnston community.  He believes that service to community is what makes education an exciting and memorable experience for students.

Brian models outstanding character and teaches good character each day.  He has impacted hundreds of students over the years through his leadership as an administrator for Johnston Community School District.  Brian Carico, who nominated Brian for the award says, “One of Brian’s greatest strengths is his trustworthiness.  There is never a time that Brian has not followed through with his word.  He makes very difficult decisions using the Six Pillars of Character and then follows through.”

Brian has also utilized the Six Pillars to promote the pursuit of victory with honor.  “Brian has been a true asset to our athletic program because he emphasizes both winning and character, but puts the higher demand on character, said Carico. “Brian truly knows that winning will occur with people that demonstrate the Six Pillars.”

Learn more about Brian Town on our YouTube site.

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Colleague honors fellow colleague
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