Mark Dempsey nominated his father, Tim Dempsey,  for an Iowa Character Award. Here are a few words from Mark on why it is important to nominate someone.  (Don’t forget to start working on your own Iowa Character Award nomination!  The deadline for nominations is only 45 days away!)

Too often in life I believe our society focuses more on the negative things that happen.  The news and tabloids are full of negativity and drama.  Yet, there are so many people doing good deeds to benefit their community.  That is why I believe it is so great to be nominated for a character award.

Most people who do good works in their community don’t do it for the praise.  They’re the unsung heroes that work to make the world a better place and all too often they don’t get the attention and the thank you they deserve.  Although, their good deeds aren’t done for the attention it’s always nice to be appreciated and for someone to say thank you and that your good work was noticed.That is why I nominated my father for a Character Award.  My father does a lot of things for his neighbors, church and community – many without thanks or praise.

I nominated my father more so as a way to say thank you on behalf of everyone he’s volunteered to help.  However, upon receiving news that he’d won the award I could see in my father that this meant so much more to him than I had originally believed.  This was a validation for him that he had made a difference in his community.  It was great to see how proud my dad was of his award.

Hear more from Tim Dempsey here.

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A son honors his dad
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