We’ve had a great number of people contribute to our blog series specifically catered to college students. Let’s summarize some of the important takeaways.

Johanna told us that college students should get involved in something they’re passionate about. Take citizenship seriously; there are many issues that will impact you as you get older and it’s important to understand them.

Also, practice face to face communication. Direct eye contact shows confidence and good communication skills.

Next, we had Kelsey, who gave us some tips on gaining momentum before the interviews even take place. The top three things she thinks college students should focus on include:

  • Staying informed in your industry
  • Networking
  • Being well-connected with professors at your school

Aaron was our next guest blogger. He focused on traits that make an individual the best employee. Those include things such as being self-driven, taking constructive criticism well, and being a positive person. As a manager at a coffee shop, Aaron’s main focus is empowering his employees, which is different for each employee. If you are a leader at your school, what are some ways you are empowering people on your teams?

Finally, Jon shared with us how to dress the part for a job interview. What things are necessary to make an interview go as best as possible? He posted the appropriate attire for an interview on Pinterest, but it’s not just attire that should be taken into consideration. Remember to smile, have a ready hand available for shaking, and confidence.

Best of luck on your next stage in life!

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Best pieces of advice for recent or upcoming college grads
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