Bridget Olson is a Des Moines native and Drake University graduate in Speech Communication. She is celebrating 30 years of working as a Television Account Executive at stations throughout Iowa. She believe the Six Pillars of Character stand as the template for successful and civil discourse within the community, at school, at work and within the family. Here are Bridget’s thoughts on character in the workplace.

My company, as is true of many forward thinking businesses, puts special emphasis on employee development and character. The nuts and bolts of one’s product can be taught; quality character evolves.

Knowing one’s product is essential to achieving a mutually successful conclusion. We are given frequent and expert instruction on the cutting edge uses of our advertising products. Traditional television advertising, the Internet, our mobile site, and the use of social media to present the client’s message are all tools, the nuts and bolts of our business.

The assumption that staff is prepared to represent the company in the marketplace includes the premise that not only are we experts in our field but that a standard of credibility is apparent.  Resourcefulness and character are the keys to creating and maintaining rock solid and long-term business relationships.

Emphasizing the Six Pillars of Character in the workplace creates an atmosphere that ensures the development of a truly successful employee.

Our clients should expect their consultant/partner to exhibit:

Trustworthiness: being able to count on consultant discretion and an assumption that there is a shared personal stake in reaching a goal.

Respect: understanding that the client has earned their expertise and reputation – their input matters.

Responsibility: embracing the intent that client needs will be addressed – that the details of the process will be thoroughly completed.

Fairness: all clients will experience the consultant’s best effort.

Caring: reaching a mutually beneficial conclusion.

Citizenship: modeling behavior in one’s community that enhances quality of life.

It is by maintaining a constant focus on the Pillars that one affords oneself the resolute discipline and energy necessary to truly address the rigors of maintaining one’s status as a professional. The value of product knowledge is undeniable. The value of character is indispensable.

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Nuts, bolts, & pillars: A company’s recipe for success
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