Do you have what it takes to be a highly regarded employee? Aaron Corbin manages two Smokey Row coffee houses while attending business school at William Penn University. He employs a passion for excellence, motivation, and inspiration in both his occupation and personal life. Here are his thoughts…

The perfect employee is self-driven.
They don’t need to be told what to do.
They are constantly finding things to improve on, by asking questions or taking it upon themselves.
In this job, the best employees are outgoing and can relate to the customer.
They can work in a team.
They can handle constructive criticism.
They know how to have fun.
Most importantly, they are positive.

Your attitude and behavior at work is your choice and both of those things affect everyone around. 

Since Aaron is in a leadership position, we asked him what things he’s learned outside of college that school didn’t teach him.

I learned most of my management skills without education. Some things I learned through high school and early college, but I mostly learned everything for myself and how to get things done as efficiently and effectively as possible. The most crucial thing in management is empowering your employees. This can be done by getting to know what drives them, whether that’s recognition for a job well done or giving them tasks other than day-to-day operational tasks.

Some things to ask yourself:

  • Do I have any of the character traits that Aaron mentioned?
  • Am I a leader? If so, how can I use that to benefit myself, others, or a current job?
  • Are you aware that your attitude and behavior is a choice?
  • Is there something you can learn from your boss or other leaders in the community? Sit them down and ask them questions!

Next week we’ll have Jon McDonald to share with us the appropriate attire for a job interview through Pinterest. Stay tuned!

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So what does it take to be the best employee?
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