Kelsey Jones
is a graduate of Drake University in Public Relations and Political Science. She currently works at One Social Media in West Des Moines as a project manage
r. She enjoys discovering all that Des Moines has to offer and seeing the innovative spirit of her fellow central Iowans.

To continue the conversation about what college students should know before graduation, we’ve asked Kelsey what three things college students can do to gain momentum in finding a job. Here are her thoughts…

1. Keep informed about your industry. Read the latest articles, blogs, books and breaking news about whatever is happening in your industry. This will give you confidence when searching for jobs and even an edge when getting interviews or even meeting with industry leaders.

2. Network even if you hate it. Before even considering looking for jobs to apply for, get out there and meet those people who you could potentially be interviewing with. Don’t start networking your senior year; get a boost before. Send out a friendly email telling the person where you heard about them and how you’d like to meet for coffee to discuss the industry, their business and other relevant topics. It may not be the easiest thing to do, but get yourself and your name out there. Even if you don’t want to stay in the area of where you go to school, the people you meet have wide networks and will be able to help you out at some point.

3. Always check with professors for advice, leads, and internships. These people can help connect you to the right people, internships, or specific niche industry jobs that you may be looking for.

So what does character have to do with anything?

When looking at the Six Pillars of Character, Kelsey believed responsibility played the biggest role for undergrads.

“If you aren’t responsible with how you handle your time and effort in your job searching and pre-job searching tactics, you won’t see results. Along with that, you need to show potential employees how responsible you are and give them examples throughout your different experiences in life and internships.”

Stay tuned for next week’s post on taking part-time job experience to enhance your resume. Aaron Corbin, Smokey Row‘s manager gives us a description of the perfect employee. Consider your traits and let’s see if they match with Aaron’s expectations.

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Gaining momentum in college
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