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We could create an entire blog devoted to showing character during election season.

Let’s look at a few scenarios that get people talking about character during the election process.  Maybe they have even happen to you.

Respecting the person versus respecting the belief:  It’s going to happen.  We meet individuals with different political beliefs. You can disagree with someone and still respect them. Remember, everyone has worth as a person.  Showing respect acknowledges that worth.

Civil conversation:  Once you can show respect to those you disagree with, having a civil conversation is much easier.  What happens if someone starts behaving disrespectfully to you?  This is a great time to take the proverbial “high road”.  Don’t let someone else’s bad behavior be an influence on your own character.

Character of the candidates:  Opinions will differ on how important character is in our elected officials.  What would you do if your preferred candidate demonstrated poor character?  Would that be enough for you to consider another candidate? Why or why not?

We’ll have more posts about civility in politics throughout the year.  Are there issues that you’d like to see us address?


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