Students see real life situations that test our character


Andy Fuhs, associate principal at Oskaloosa High School, uses the new Power2Achieve curriculum to help build moral character and performance character in the classroom.

Oskaloosa High School has been using the Power2Achieve (P2A) program for 3 years.  I find this program beneficial as we work to make our school climate more positive, one step at a time.  P2A includes a variety of real life scenarios to help teach students about character.

Our students recently completed a Power2Achieve unit on hazing.   The curriculum included a video documentary of college students hazing in a public setting (imagine the hazed students walking around on their hands and knees, dressed in diapers).  Admittedly, I was concerned about the video’s content.  After speaking to several teachers prior to the lesson, we agreed that even though the video was difficult to watch, it was an important part of the message to the students.

The Power2Achieve units provide relevant materials to help our students understand real life situations that require good character.  Our students now have a better understanding of how to stand up to hazing and how to get assistance to stop a hazing incident from occurring.