We’re proud to partner with ServiceMaster Green in Des Moines.  Check out this great post from our friend Angela Foldes at ServiceMaster Green.

Developing character in business and in our personal lives is not something you can achieve in a day.   When working toward building a reputation of good character in business you must be committed to honesty and integrity.  Traits of good character are following through on commitments, taking responsibility for both good and bad actions and treating all people with respect and dignity.  It requires being consistent in our actions and with our communication.

When Rich Emery started ServiceMaster Green in 1980, he wanted to build a company that would develop its employees, serve the community and provide exceptional service to his customers.

We believe having good character is an essential part of being a good leader.  Our mission statement and company values reflect the good character we strive to develop in our employees on a daily basis.  We have partnered with Character Counts In Iowa and have made them a regular part of our supervisor meetings.   They use team building exercises to teach our employees what good character is all about.  Together we shape strong leaders with good character.

We have an award program we call “Master Moments”.    It is where we recognize those employees that have gone above and beyond in their service to our customers.  We gather Master Moments all month long and as a management team we vote for a winner each month.  The winner receives a check for $250, a certificate signed by Rich, a trophy and their name is put on a plaque that hangs in our front office.  Their picture appears in our monthly newsletter with the story of what they are being recognized for.  The Master Moments are shared with our employees and customers.  Both are encouraged and touched by these stories.
We believe Character Counts In Iowa has an important mission and we are excited to continue our wonderful relationship with them and together we can help individuals and other local businesses work toward developing good character in their employees.

“Bring your true and best self to Life, Work and Leadership every day”

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Finding “Master Moments”
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