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Have you ever known something you wish you didn’t?

A piece of confidential information has fallen into our laps and we’ve got a choice to make. Do we keep it to ourselves or share it?

Upon first glance, we could easily say that to be trustworthy, we must keep it to ourselves. However, upon further reflection, it may not be so easy.

Think about how respect plays into our choice. It could be disrespectful to share the information, but it could be disrespectful to not share it. Consider this: it is disrespectful to withhold information others need to control their own destiny.

This is a great example of values competing against each other:

  • Should we be respectful and trustworthy and keep the secret to ourselves? OR
  • Should we be respectful and trustworthy and share the information with those who need to know?

The way to decide may be easier than you think. We must look ahead to the consequences of our decision. What choice will ultimately result in the greater good?

Life requires tough decisions. We’ll be closing out the month by continuing to talk about how to make the tough decisions easier. Stay tuned.

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Controlling destiny
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