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Recently it seems as though disagreeing with someone justifies exposing them to criticism, harsh language and overall disrespect. Have we forgotten how to respectfully disagree?

We frequently use this great quote from Thomas Jefferson: “I will treat you as a gentleman, not because you are one, but because I am one.” Great quote, right? It reminds us that showing respect is about controlling our own actions, and not the beliefs, actions or reactions of others.

We don’t have to respect anyone’s opinions, lifestyle, politics or religion. However, we can still treat them respectfully. We can show a regard for others, solely based on their value as another human being.

We all share a collective responsibility in shattering this culture of incivility and disrespect. When we each commit to treat others with respect, the standard of acceptable behavior will change.

Let’s start today.

Have we forgotten how to respectfully disagree?
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4 thoughts on “Have we forgotten how to respectfully disagree?

  • 2012-06-15 at 22:54

    Civility should N E V E R be elevated above truth. Those who seek to do so attempt to sculpt society so that evil may be put forward, without consequence, as an equal competing philosophy with good. And, if God's word is marginalized among humankind, then the superior knowledge and understanding of The One is replaced by the selfish yearnings of a sea of individuals, or perhaps factions. Do not expect civility in anything when the parties can no longer agree upon what constitutes good and evil.

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