10 best practices for spectators

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The NCAA Committee on Sportsmanship and Ethical Conduct has developed a series of best practices to help improve game environment.

Here are a few of their suggestions:

  1. Encourage fans to root for their team and not against their opponent. (Give fans newspapers printed with positive cheers for their team on the inside and “GOOD LUCK!” on the outside. This will encourage them to either cheer or show the outside of their newspapers).
  2. Seat only visiting fans near the opposing team’s bench to reduce heckling.
  3. Adopt and post strict fan behavior guidelines and consequences for misconduct.
  4. Walk the talk by ejecting fans who don’t meet the guidelines.
  5. Train gate and security personnel to deny admission to fans who are under the influence.
  6. Develop a listserve where students and coaches can nominate and recognize specific fans who exhibit sportsmanship.
  7. Nominate and honor a male and female “Fan of the Year” and/or group “Fans of the Year” for acts of sportsmanship.
  8. Award T-shirts to “super fans” each game.
  9. Offer the chance to win a seat on the “Super Fan” couch at an upcoming game. Place the couch in a prime seating area and announce the individual over the public-address system.
  10. Host a competition for the best sign demonstrating sportsmanship and honor the individual(s) with an award.

What do you think? Do guidelines like these work? Would you be supportive of your favorite team enforcing a code of conduct for spectators?