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Success and significance. Isn’t the goal to have them both?

We instantly know that character is tied to significance. Character provides us with the compassion to come to someone’s aid, the integrity to do what we say we’ll do and the courage to be tolerant of other viewpoints. Our ethics teach us to strive to do what is right, and encourage others to do the same. It is good character that allows us to make a true impact on other people’s lives and makes our community better.

Have you ever considered that character can also further your success? Strength of character will allow you to be self-directed, organize, prioritize, and adapt to new situations as well as give you the ability to lead others, collaborate, actively listen and exercise critical thinking. All of these skills contribute to success.

The hard part comes, of course, when you have to choose between having success or having significance. It will be your strength of character that helps you make the right choice.

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Success versus significance
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